I'm Krista Sanders

An artist and user experience designer living in San Francisco, CA. I have an unreasonable affection for every doggo I meet, an irrational fear of heights, and my favorite thing in the entire world is watching people's brains light up.

I love a good challenge whether it's a puzzle or a new adventure, and I can't imagine life without my favorite albums, my kick-ass sisters and brothers, and yoga.

Life/work experience

Over the last 17+ years as a Designer, Artist, Creative Director, and Mentor, I've found that each of us has a distinct core purpose. If we can tap into that honestly and without fear or judgement, we can truly start building products and teams that have lasting value.

Whether working with small startups or large scale companies like Google and Credit Karma, this perspective has helped me lead teams from inception to acquisition and all the transitions in between.

User Experience Design
Creative Direction
Brand strategy
Product definition
Team development
Workshop facilitation

Original snaps